Thursday, November 24, 2011

The formula of offering.

Every spirit should be rewarded some form of offering for the services rendered unto the magician/sorcerer.  But offerings should differ accordingly, as each spirit has a class each offering needs to be particular to the spirit's nature and be presented in an intelligent and formal fashion.

So here is my personal formula:

Super-celestial and Celestial Spirits:
+Angels receive a set period(days, weeks, months) of prayerful praise at one's oratory altar. The words themselves are the offerings, but candles and religious/biblical incense which has been consecrated according to the arts of Solomon or the Church may also be used in conjunction to the prayers.

+Planetary Spirits may receive a set time of praise like above except any incense and candles must be appropriate to the nature of said planetary spirit. Thus a Solar spirit should receive incense that is corresponding to a solar nature and candles which are golden in color. One may also keep the seal of the planetary spirit upon the oratory altar for a given time as an offering.

Sub-celestial, Aerial, Terrestrial, and Infernal Spirits:
 +Aerial Spirits are of mixed natures and thus the way one places offerings unto these spirits differ for the individual spirit that was used. The more gracious of the aerial spirits may have their seal placed near the oratory altar in which the spirit receives praise and thanks for a period of time. If the aerial is more of the unruly kind, it is better for the magician/sorcerer to draw their seal at a crossroads and offer praise and thanks there..
+Geni Locii/Nature Spirits are often location specific and so their offerings should be placed where ever they exist. Good offerings for these guys would be left overs from harvests/gardening, food, grain and beer.
+Infernal Spirits should have their seals drawn at a crossroads with consecrated chalk onto which one may place libations of alcohol, beer, meats, fruit, incense, and etc.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Hierarchy as I know it.

As stated in the previous post, I am a ceremonial magician. But I am not of the qabbalistic variety. No, I quit that forest a long time ago because I feel more drawn to the Christian-Neoplatonic model instead. So I journeyed backward to the source of the theory of emanation which is rooted in European (Greek specifically) philosophical mysticism aka Neoplatonism which is at the heart of the Grimoires and their philosophical worldview.
Neoplatonism was for the most part a pagan-philosophic and esoteric movement that believed there was a single source from which all things came to be, known as the unknowable Monad. From here all sorts of things, ideas, and gods emanated from to form the world in which we live. This philosophical movement encompassed several schools, with slightly different doctrines throughout the Greco-Roman world. As the world changed through politics and through other forces, pagan neoplatonism started to dwindle. But this neoplatonism was picked-up by many early christian mystics. So the Neoplatonic golden-thread extends from Plotinus, to Iamblichus, to Augustine, to Pseudo-Dionysus, to Trithemius, to Agrippa, to Ficino and etc.

Divine Hierarchy as I know it: Part one

1.God the Father=  This is the Nous(Divine Mind) of the old Neoplatonists. Here is where all the ideas of the universe flow from. Everything in existence started with an idea.
2.God the Son= This is the Logos(Word/Logic) of the old Neoplatonits and of the Christians. He becomes Jesus when incarnated into the world through the Holy Spirit.
3.Holy Ghost= This is the Psyche(Soul of the World) of the Neoplatonists which upholds the "chain of being".

*Those three above make up a singular God who sits at the top of the hierarchy. Moving on.

Divine Hierarchy as I know it: Part two

1. God
2. Metattron= the angelic intercessor for the angelic choir known as the Seraphim in the primum mobil.
3. Ophaniel/Jophiel= the angelic intercessor for the angelic choir of the Cherubim that exist in the Firmament which corresponding to the zodiacal ring.
4. Zaphkiel= the angelic intercessor for the angelic choir known as the Thrones that exist in the seventh heaven which corresponds to the Sphere of Saturn.
5. Zadkiel= the angelic intercessor for the angelic choir known as the Dominations that exists in the sixth heaven which corresponds to the sphere of Jupiter.
6. Camiel= the angelic intercessor for the angelic choir known as Powers that exists in the fifth heaven which corresponds to the sphere of Mars.
7. Raphael= the angelic intercessor for the angelic choir known as Virtues that exists in the fourth heaven which corresponds to the sphere of Sun.
8. Haniel= the angelic intercessor for the angelic choir known as Principalities that exist in the third heaven which corresponds to the sphere of Venus.
9. Michael= the angelic intercessor for the angelic choir known as Archangels that exist in the second heaven which corresponds to the sphere of Mercury.
10. Gabriel= the angelic intercessor for the angelic choir of Angels thats exists in the first heaven which corresponds to the sphere of Moon.

*The above is a list of the hierarchy which combines the intelligible and celestial world. Below this is what is known as the sublunar/subcelestial world. The divine order below the celestial is confusing and depends upon the actual nature of the spirit and less on its classification whereas above the angels and celestials are generally seen as good, those of the terrestrial can be good or bad with the exception of the internals.

Divine Hierarchy as I know it: Part three

1. Ancestral spirits= these are the departed family members who continue to look after the family in the spirit.
2. Aerial spirits= these are spirits of mixed nature that exist between the terrestrial and the first level of the celestial world aka sphere of the moon.
3. Nature spirits= these are also of mixed nature but exist mainly on the terrestrial zones
4. Geni Loci= these guys are of mixed natures and exist in specific locations only.
5. Elementals= these are beings that live only in one particular element.
6. Ghosts/poltergeists= evil spirits of the departed, or hijacked shells of the departed by an infernal being
7.Infernals= these are the purely evil beings that are typically thought of when the word demon shows-up in print.

*Just like in typical Neoplatonic fashion the further away you get from the Monad/God, the more corrupt and imperfect you are. So...
God is more pure than angels.
Angels are more pure than other spirits.
Spirits are more pure than the infernals.
All spirits are more pure than ensouled bodies(things that exist in the physical world)
Man is more pure than all other animals
Animals are more pure than plants.
Plants are more pure than rocks and stones.
etc etc.

*But here is the exception to the rule: A normal human ranks below all bodiless-spirits, because the normal human is usually more animal than soul. However a human who has been purified though spiritual means is above most spirits and many angels. This is why before any grimoiric work there is a penitential/purifying rite.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

About an Upcoming Offering to the Spirits of My Land

There is something about the Autumn season that gets me thinking about the nature spirits of my property. Perhaps it is the subtle signs that the land is about to go dormant. Or perhaps there is just a little bit of old folklore lingering in my soul about how mischievous nature spirits can be when not appeased. Either way I know that I need to make an offering to them soon. I usually do this in the Fall aswell as in the spring. But I need to get on the ball because another holiday is quickly approaching, and that is All Souls/Saints day.

Yes, it may come as a shock that I am a Christian and not a pagan with all of this nature spirit business. But I am indeed a Christian; most importantly I am also a Ceremonial Magician(of the grimoiric not quasi-massonic variety), and there is a divine hierarchy of spirits that I work with and or that need attention.  I will probably write a little something about this Divine Hierarchy, as I see it and how I work with it, later on.

But for now....I need to get some goods ready for the actual offering like apples and whiskey.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Here is an interesting link for crafty magicians!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spiritual side-effect. My poor love.

I'm surprised sometimes when little operations cause so much havoc.
For instance last wednesday I performed a small operation to consecrate new wicks and oil for my holy lamp complete with prayers, psalms, and spirits/names of power. Later that night my spouse terrifyingly woke-up to a television mysteriously turning on by its self in the middle of the night. I had fallen asleep on the couch  and was not in the bedroom when this occurred. Such an event wouldn't have scared me so much, but I was quick to console my lover, and go back to sleep in our bed.
This all happened hours after I consecrated the materials. It makes one wonder if the actual consecration of the materials happened after my actual ceremony when the TV phenomenon happened or just was it just a spirit-based side-effect later on.
I am not a stranger to such things when I summon an entity. The spirits sometimes actually disturb my space for days, weeks afterward. But after a tool consecration?? Interesting.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Sometimes other magicians just make me SO effin' irritated. And no, they are not more open-minded to new ideas or even open to logical debate.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Is anyone else out there who is just a bit annoyed by certain "grimoiric" mages fawning all over the ATR cults?
I know that I am WAY over it.. I mean is it really all that great?
I don't think so.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Michael over Mercury.

There is a question in the traditional occult world on where Michael resides. It normally comes down to two possible choices; Michael is either solar or mercurial.
Now I have always had him over mercury, but I took a deeper look into this particular question because of such a trend I started noticing lately. So I made out a list for both expressing the qualities that are fitting to Michael set over the Sun, and another one set over Mercury. When I was done, it still seemed to make more sense to have him corresponding to the sphere of mercury. Here are my notes:

1. According to Pseudo-Dionysius in his book, The Celestial Hierarchies, there are nine major angelic orders divided into three sets. These are in descending order Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels, and Angels. The last triad(Principalities, Archangels, and Angels) are the only group of angelic entities that directly interact with the general populous with the exception of initiated mystics and magicians. If we were to label each order with the spheres in an ascending order we would get Angels set over the Lunar sphere, Archangels over the Mercury sphere, and Principalities set over the sphere of Venus. We know that the regular people who attend religious services often ask Michael to intervene on their behalf, but if Michael was set over the Sun then he would not be in the triad of angelic orders that regularly intervenes on behalf of the common populous(Principalities, Archangels, Angels).

2. If we look now to the common practice of those who honor Michael we can also see mercurial elements. Already stated above, Michael is venerated as a divine messenger lifting the prayers of the people to the heavens. This sounds a lot like Hermes and Mercury of the Greco-Roman pagans. He also carries the soul of the dead to their place of everlasting, which traveling naturally corresponds nicely under the attributes of mercury. Some may point to his images with the scales and say that judging the dead isn't a mercurial attribute but a jovial one. I would agree. But according to the doctrine of Christianity it is Jesus who Judges the quick and the Dead and not Michael. Michael holds the scales to show that he is involved in the scoring and measuring process much like Thoth would have been in the hall of Maat. Some may also speak of Michael as a soldier stating that he is even Martial rather than Mercurial. I would say that they don't understand the role of mercury in classical astrology; he is changeable by his nature and thus receives the nature of the other planets. He is beneficent with some planets and destructive with others. But either way, Mars is not even a question here. It is between Sun and Mercury where the confusion lies. The multiple roles Michael plays also helps to once again demonstrates his ability to change from one to the other which of course is another attribute of Mercury.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Moments in prayer

Quite frequently in prayer my skin becomes all goose-pimply and my hair on my head feels like it is standing on end. Sometimes tears also begin to fall from my eyes from the experience which is quite complex. It is joyful, pleasurable, beautiful, and saddening all at once.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Energy a no go.

Let me explain this plainly. I do not use the "energy model" of occultism.
The whole concept of psychic energy is a modern concept to the Western Magical Tradition stemming from the Theosophic movement and post-Mesmeric theories on animal magnetism.

Mesmer's experiments were proven false and unscientific, and the theosophic spiritual energy concepts were taken from the Eastern Magical traditions.

What I do practice is classical Western Magical Tradition magic minus the qbl stream. Though I understand the qbl and have used it in the past, I prefer to stick with the neoplatonic stream which is older, simpler, and just as efficient.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where I am as an Anglican/Episcopal

My church is in shambles over several issues regarding policies. I will explain them further below and elucidate my feelings on them.

Women Priests/Bishops: I am ok with that on a personal level, but I would probably go to a Male orchestrated Eucharist if I have the choice.

Gays and Homosexuals: I'm not offended by them, especially if they are seeking Christ. I'm not sure how I feel about having one as a Bishop or Priest, but then again I don't have to go to that particular parish if I didn't want to. I probably would go at least once just to see. Moving on...

Fashion Chasubles and Mitres: Oh God, could we please put this to an end. I hate seeing my bishops and priests looking like hot-air balloons or psychedelic nightmares.

Themed Communions: Just like the "fashion" chasubles, the themed eucharists have to go. Nothing is funny or cute about a "clown mass". Its scary, not traditional, and makes me want to cry.

Seven Sacraments: If I remember correctly, there are only two official sacraments listed in the 39 Articles. Lets get back to that. We can still have the others, but get real they are not sacraments.

1928/1979 BCP: Does it really matter? Both have strayed quite a bit from the 1662 BCP which is supposed to be the true foundation of the Anglican Communion. So lets revamp the BCP to bring it back closer to the 1662 tradition.

Contemporary Language: Again just like that above, contemporary language is what we use everyday. The traditional language of the 1662 BCP is special because we don't use it everyday. And that is way I dislike contemporary language in the Eucharist ceremony. Keep it special.

There are Many paths to God: Since when did this become the official mantra of the Anglican Communion? Per Jesus, "No one comes to the Father, except through me". Islam does not offer salvation, neither does Judaism.

Zionism: I never quite understood this. I have heard an occasional priest still call the Jews the "Chosen people". I wonder if they just happened to forget that the Jews turned away from and rejected God in Jesus. At that point they ceased to be the "Chosen people".

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Der Blutharsch - Der Sieg des Lichtes ist des Lebens Heil - VI


I purchased a new prayerbook (BCP) to replace a very old one. I bought it at the new Half-Price book store here in town.

I'll guess I will use this 1979 version until further notice. I still don't know where I stand in the fall-out of the Diocese drama.
I want to stay Episcopal because it is in communion with Canterbury whereas the new "Anglican" one (under Iker) isn't. But, it is getting harder to find Rite One parishes. And if the Iker-Anglican make their own prayerbook, I would hope it would be closer to the 1662 version.

I like liberal policies, but traditional eucharists. Nothing makes me want to cry more than seeing funky chasubles and experimental masses. They seem to strip away the real magic that takes place at the altar. And can we please turn the altar back around too?

Anyways, I guess I will just have to wait and see what is to become of my area. Will it be TEC or Iker-Anglican for the win?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Zionism called out

I praise Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus for having the courage to speak his mind against the deafening wall of the offended.

It seems that in today's age the common folk believe that what the majority of people deem offensive commentary is illegal or at the very least demands bullying. I'm sick of the PC world, whereby people fall all over themselves performing linguistic acrobatics to prevent someone's feelings from getting hurt. Especially when what is stated is what most people are thinking anyhow, just not vocalizing.

And since when is truth defined as "anti-Semitic"? If something is said and believed to be the fact, that is just the way it is. The quality of truth can not be owned by modern trends of politics no matter what the mind-controlling media wants you to believe.
To freedom!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Where I fit. Re:Aaron Leitch's post

(snipped from Aaron Leitch's site)
1) There are those who look at any given grimoire as a complete thing unto itself, and feel that its instructions must be followed exactly to the letter, or else the magick will not work. This type usually has little clue what the instructions mean or why he must follow X, Y, or Z – but he sticks to the book anyway. He is also against adding anything new or taking the material beyond what is recorded. It’s all about following the recipe to get your result, and that’s it.

2) Then there are those who feel that a given grimoire is not complete, and therefore draw material from other grimoires to fill the gaps or allow their practice to grow beyond the original text. This person tends to view the Solomonic texts as individual examples of a larger collective tradtion, and thus does not find an issue with (for example) using consecration instructions from the Key of Solomon to prepare the tools needed for the Goetia.

3) Then you have a more generalized Solomonic practitioner, who does not focus on any particular grimoire. This type also looks at the Solomonic tradition as a whole, and he tends to create his own unique spells based on what he has learned from ALL of the grimoires. As often as not, this type will also draw material from other related traditions (such as the PGM) when it seems in sync with his work. And, of course, he will include or change things as his spirits instruct.

Well, by that definition I am mostly in number 2 as I do use the consecration and exorcisms from The Key of Solomon to fill-out other grimoires that lack instructions on the creation of their specific tools.

But, I have made my own incense blends that are planetary and smell much better than some of those listed in the grimoires. I could easily substitute mine for the ones listed. If I did that would put me in number 3. And I am not against using modern tools, like say an electric engraver, that has been consecrated as a burin from the Keys. Why? Because we live in an electric world afterall. So I may have number 3 leanings.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rejoice in Christ, my temple is finished

My temple room is completely finished.
It took a long time to set up the area for my oratory altar(converted walk-in closet), and the rest of the temple room(the actual room). But, it was worth the effort. It is so wonderful to have an offical space again to do all of my spiritual work.

Friday, January 14, 2011

interesting blend

I had a jar of some real semi-liquid storax(liquidamber tree resin) sitting on my shelf, so I took a heaping spoonful of the goop, placed it into a plastic container. I poured Everclear in the container and shook it up. I kept adding more everclear until the storax goop was dissolved completely into a liquid. This is now my storax tincture.

Next I took copal resin and placed it into a bowl.
I added a few drops of the storax tincture, which made my copal super sticky due to the everclear in the tincture.
On top of this I added cedar wood powder and cassia powder.
I stirred this until it became a little less sticky.

I then placed the sticky mess onto an aluminum foil to dry.

I tried one on a charcoal block. It smelled amazing.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Occult movies arrive

I finally received my occult movies I had orders.
The first one is Peter Greenaway's "Prospero's Books" that is somewhat based on Shakespeare's Tempest. This movie is fascinating to watch and an almost psychedelic experience into other worlds.

The second is Jan Svankmajer's "Faust". Need I say more? It is obviously about the story of Faust, but with a twist involving claymation, and puppetry. Its completely fantastic.

Saturday, January 1, 2011