Friday, January 14, 2011

interesting blend

I had a jar of some real semi-liquid storax(liquidamber tree resin) sitting on my shelf, so I took a heaping spoonful of the goop, placed it into a plastic container. I poured Everclear in the container and shook it up. I kept adding more everclear until the storax goop was dissolved completely into a liquid. This is now my storax tincture.

Next I took copal resin and placed it into a bowl.
I added a few drops of the storax tincture, which made my copal super sticky due to the everclear in the tincture.
On top of this I added cedar wood powder and cassia powder.
I stirred this until it became a little less sticky.

I then placed the sticky mess onto an aluminum foil to dry.

I tried one on a charcoal block. It smelled amazing.

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