Tuesday, October 11, 2011

About an Upcoming Offering to the Spirits of My Land

There is something about the Autumn season that gets me thinking about the nature spirits of my property. Perhaps it is the subtle signs that the land is about to go dormant. Or perhaps there is just a little bit of old folklore lingering in my soul about how mischievous nature spirits can be when not appeased. Either way I know that I need to make an offering to them soon. I usually do this in the Fall aswell as in the spring. But I need to get on the ball because another holiday is quickly approaching, and that is All Souls/Saints day.

Yes, it may come as a shock that I am a Christian and not a pagan with all of this nature spirit business. But I am indeed a Christian; most importantly I am also a Ceremonial Magician(of the grimoiric not quasi-massonic variety), and there is a divine hierarchy of spirits that I work with and or that need attention.  I will probably write a little something about this Divine Hierarchy, as I see it and how I work with it, later on.

But for now....I need to get some goods ready for the actual offering like apples and whiskey.

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