Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where I am as an Anglican/Episcopal

My church is in shambles over several issues regarding policies. I will explain them further below and elucidate my feelings on them.

Women Priests/Bishops: I am ok with that on a personal level, but I would probably go to a Male orchestrated Eucharist if I have the choice.

Gays and Homosexuals: I'm not offended by them, especially if they are seeking Christ. I'm not sure how I feel about having one as a Bishop or Priest, but then again I don't have to go to that particular parish if I didn't want to. I probably would go at least once just to see. Moving on...

Fashion Chasubles and Mitres: Oh God, could we please put this to an end. I hate seeing my bishops and priests looking like hot-air balloons or psychedelic nightmares.

Themed Communions: Just like the "fashion" chasubles, the themed eucharists have to go. Nothing is funny or cute about a "clown mass". Its scary, not traditional, and makes me want to cry.

Seven Sacraments: If I remember correctly, there are only two official sacraments listed in the 39 Articles. Lets get back to that. We can still have the others, but get real they are not sacraments.

1928/1979 BCP: Does it really matter? Both have strayed quite a bit from the 1662 BCP which is supposed to be the true foundation of the Anglican Communion. So lets revamp the BCP to bring it back closer to the 1662 tradition.

Contemporary Language: Again just like that above, contemporary language is what we use everyday. The traditional language of the 1662 BCP is special because we don't use it everyday. And that is way I dislike contemporary language in the Eucharist ceremony. Keep it special.

There are Many paths to God: Since when did this become the official mantra of the Anglican Communion? Per Jesus, "No one comes to the Father, except through me". Islam does not offer salvation, neither does Judaism.

Zionism: I never quite understood this. I have heard an occasional priest still call the Jews the "Chosen people". I wonder if they just happened to forget that the Jews turned away from and rejected God in Jesus. At that point they ceased to be the "Chosen people".


  1. Are you unaware that Iamblichus, Proclus, Porphyry, and many other neoplatonists were *explicitly* opposed to christianity?

    If "salvation" is only through jesus, why do you need to use Pagan practices?

    I dont expect this to be posted, just struck me as odd

  2. Augustine wasn't very far from Neoplatonist concepts.
    In fact the trinity itself can be seen as a further evolved form neoplatonic hypostases:
    1.The Father=Monad and source of everything
    2.The Son= the logos or divine mind
    3.The Holy Ghost= Psyche aka the soul of the world.

    It brings a whole new understanding of "In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God. ..Who was conceived of the Holy Spirit.

  3. So I see Jesus being synonymous with the divine hypostases of the Logos.