Monday, March 7, 2011

Moments in prayer

Quite frequently in prayer my skin becomes all goose-pimply and my hair on my head feels like it is standing on end. Sometimes tears also begin to fall from my eyes from the experience which is quite complex. It is joyful, pleasurable, beautiful, and saddening all at once.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Energy a no go.

Let me explain this plainly. I do not use the "energy model" of occultism.
The whole concept of psychic energy is a modern concept to the Western Magical Tradition stemming from the Theosophic movement and post-Mesmeric theories on animal magnetism.

Mesmer's experiments were proven false and unscientific, and the theosophic spiritual energy concepts were taken from the Eastern Magical traditions.

What I do practice is classical Western Magical Tradition magic minus the qbl stream. Though I understand the qbl and have used it in the past, I prefer to stick with the neoplatonic stream which is older, simpler, and just as efficient.