Sunday, March 13, 2016

There has been some discussion lately about political worldviews and occultism. I must say that I am increasingly annoyed with the predominant liberalism found in occult organizations; it has certainly become such a barrier for someone with more conservative views like mine own.  Most importantly, if your are into culturism like me you can forget about joining any occult organization; you just won't get very far. This is how one-sided the occult world is. So let me express mine openly.

Liberal occultist: We are all one people, one race.

Me: Well, perhaps at one time we were, but we have all diversified since then. Each racial group has a set of unique gifts and genetic evolutions that are specific to their culture and environment. You see when we were all in Africa we were photo-racial(non-racial), but as we departed and journey we entered different climates and encountered different experiences that shaped who we are as people, genetically, not just psychologically and technologically. This is evident in forensics where the investigator can guess the racial group of the skeletal remains, and also why one will have difficulty receiving bone marrow from other racial groups, or why cyclical anemia is almost exclusively found in african(non-white) population to protect against malaria. To deny the existence of races(genetic family groupings) is kind of misleading at best, and a lie at worst.

Liberal Occultist: Multiculturalism is about embracing and respecting the diversity of the world.
Me: Wrong. Multiculturalism destroys cultures and identity. It is admirable to want to embrace other cultures and learn about them, but true diversity means letting those cultures exist without interfering.  Here is what happens. Lets say you have Japan, full of Japanese people, and therefore Japanese culture. Now, lets say you start pouring in thousands of Nigerians. At first the Nigerians will participate in the greater Japanese culture because they have to, to work and to survive. But, once there are enough Nigerians in Japan to support a pocket Nigerian culture in Japan, they will no longer have to participate in Japan's culture. Now lets say that the Nigerians have a higher birth rate than the native Japanese. Now the Nigerians potentially present a threat to the existence of Japanese culture and the Japanese people; they will eventually cease to exist as a culture and a people. No. Multiculturalism is the opposite of diversity and respect. It destroys unique cultures by forcing other cultures in like a cancer to eat away at the previously sovereign and unique native culture.

Liberal Occultist: Opposing multiculturalism is racist.
Me: Well maybe. But don't you think all races have the right to exist on their own as unique expressions of God? Or do you think we have to thrust every race upon eachother  and encourage miscegenation until there is only one mediocre, boring single race of people? Where is the diversity in that? And don't you think that is a step backward in evolution, since that is how we started and we have evolved into diverse, unique racial groupings?

Liberal Occultist: You must hate non-whites
Me: Nope! Quite the contrary. I enjoy all racial groups as each have their own unique gifts and cultures with which the world is seen through. I just think they should all be allowed to flourish, and multiculturalism will not allow that to happen.

At this point conversation ends with the Liberal Occultist continuing to shout names and shutting doors. You see, liberals talk a big game about being tolerant, but somehow they end-up being some of the most intolerant people I ever meet. I only wish that there was a place for Culturism to also flourish in the Western Occult world.