Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I purchased a new prayerbook (BCP) to replace a very old one. I bought it at the new Half-Price book store here in town.

I'll guess I will use this 1979 version until further notice. I still don't know where I stand in the fall-out of the Diocese drama.
I want to stay Episcopal because it is in communion with Canterbury whereas the new "Anglican" one (under Iker) isn't. But, it is getting harder to find Rite One parishes. And if the Iker-Anglican make their own prayerbook, I would hope it would be closer to the 1662 version.

I like liberal policies, but traditional eucharists. Nothing makes me want to cry more than seeing funky chasubles and experimental masses. They seem to strip away the real magic that takes place at the altar. And can we please turn the altar back around too?

Anyways, I guess I will just have to wait and see what is to become of my area. Will it be TEC or Iker-Anglican for the win?

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