Sunday, December 4, 2016

Lodge vs Grimoiric Occultism

There are two main different branches of occultism found within western occulture. On one hand you have the lodge-system which is quasi-masonic and almost as a rule uses the qabbala as a spiritual map. Then you have  grimoiric-system which tends to use a neoplatonic/goetic spiritual map. Both have a different approach to the unseen world, and methods in which to accomplish their tasks.
I will try to divide each system into their two main functions, that being mysticism and magic as far as I understand them from my practice..

Within the lodge-system, you will find the mysticism of that branch of occulture within their initiatory structure. Here all tools held by the officers, including the roles of the officers, their respective movements on the floor, their spoken words or songs, divine names intoned, the colored vestments worn by their members, and incensing odors are all combined to impart a grand message onto the psyche of the initiate which will lend to spiritual growth and advancement. I know that many in the occult world will read "psyche" and think it is less real, primarily due to the renaissance going on currently in the grimoiric side of the western occulture whom are actively rejecting the modern idea of psychology with respect to magic. But to say that the symbolic totality of these ceremonies are less effective because they recognize the modern idea of psychology would be missing the point completely. Both systems and maps(Neoplatonic and Qabbalistic) involve the theory of emanation and in both maps, the mental realms precede that of the spirit and physical. So it is here that the long-magician is working, not with the spirits per se, but of the mental realms where symbols are things and the root of what will come about.
Like the approach to mysticism, the lodge-system can use the same concepts to produce practical magical results in their lives by ceremonial pulling ideas and symbols together at auspicious times and allowing those the manifest physically.

Opposite of the lodge-system, we find the grimoiric-system where magicians tend to focus their work on the spirit world instead of the mental realms.. While the tools used by the grimoiric magician still have symbolic value, the goal is merely to use the tools as a method to contact spirits and sustain the magician while in the process. The task of acquiring the tools, performing the consecrations, exorcisms in order to contact a spirit and then the gaining of knowledge in the process makes up the mystical aspect of this system.  The practical magical is of course is accomplished when said spirit accomplish the tasks set out by the magician via threats, bribes of offerings, or contract.

There are of course some overlap. While the lodge-magician will use divine and angelic names as part of their symbolic language, some spirits no doubt might be attracted to and or work with said magician. These spirits may interact along with the magician on a mental level through visions, dreams, or auditory hallucinations which are very similar to some grimoiric-magician experiences.

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