Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fountains of water, Lamps of light.

I did not consecrate more holy candles nor did I make more holy water yesterday.
And no, its not because mercury is slowing down preparing to go retrograde. I have decide to go a slightly different route.
Normally I exorcise 100 tea lights at a time to be used in my temple as holy lights. And they usually do last me long enough till the next appropriate time to make more holy lights.
However, I have come to the conclusion that using an olive oil lamp would be much more economic and symbolically beautiful in practice with multiple practical applications like the addition of essential oils and other herbs.
So for the past several days I have experimented with several modes of making an olive-oil lamp. Then it would be the next step which is to make it as beautiful a lamp as possible with of course the sigils and lettering about it.

As for the Holy Water? Well I have recently purchased a huge decanter with a spout on the lower portion. It looks a bit like an over glorified sun-tea container, perhaps slightly victorian. But I think that it will fit the bill for making a nice amount in a single ceremony.

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