Monday, September 27, 2010

A bone to pick concerning timing.

I recently ran across a fellow magician's post regarding timing his ceremonies. His belief is that no matter how long the ceremony takes, it is when the ceremony begins that is most important. Some how in his mind he thinks that the influences at a given time are locked into place by the start of ones ceremony.

I have to disagree here.

When you start the working matters less than when it is completed.  Take for instance a birth of a baby. Without going into the mechanisms as to why certain astrological positions imparts their influence upon a person, we collectively understand that it is the moment of birth that defines which stellar influences have been inherited. A person can theoretically be seen as a talisman, and a talisman can also be a birthing of a physical body of sorts.

In the realm of magical timing, there are two major routes a would-be magician travels.
There is timing via planetary correspondences with the days and hours of the week, and then there is timing via astrological positions in the heavens. Both are fine and depend on the particular working a magician is planning to do, but which ever one chooses to use, the ceremony must be accomplished within the set time.

Now it is relatively easy to perform and complete a ceremony during one on the magical-hours of the week. But when it comes to basing a ceremony on the astrological positions, you normally only have 15 minutes. Its a lot harder to complete a task magically in 15 minutes especially to complete a talisman.
So the trick is to make most of the talisman during a magic-hour and day that corresponds to the ceremony before the plotted astrological time. Then at the moment of the astrological event, you put the final touches on the talisman and invoke the entities to inhabit it.


  1. I can see what you're saying by drawing the comparison between the birth of a human and the creation of a talisman -- both take on them a celestial imprint at the moment of completion.

    Without going into whose idea I think became the basis for this post, let me clarify what is possibly intended here.

    When conjuring a Spirit, say Gabriel, who I am about to conjure 23 minutes from now, this will be a relatively auspicious time to make contact. No, it's not a Monday, but it will be a Lunar hour with the moon waxing in Pisces (more important than the traditional day of the week, IMO). My communication and meditation with Gabriel might extend past 1:21 AM. I believe that once I have established contact with Gabriel, my possibility for further communication and use of its current will not cease at 1:21.

    If I intend to create a talisman, then I believe that talisman must be finished within the proper time frame, for sure.

    But when it comes to conjure, my Working with a spirit may well extend past the "hour". Also, the most important things you can have to conjure a spirit are its name and its seal. In truth, once you have established a firm contact with a particular spirit, the minimum base requirement is to visualize its seal, intone its name, etc. To choose an appropriate time will only serve to offer more energy and a clearer connection with that spirit.

    No matter what time you choose to do a rite, based on a combination of the celestials and timing, there will almost always be a better, more ideal time to make contact or create a talisman

    So, other than creating something specific, like a talisman or something physical that *must* possess the qualities of that moment, your rite can extend far beyond that hour. That spirit is not just going to go "well, times up. Gotta go." (I mean, if they do that to you, that sucks...)


  2. I don't know why I never saw this post until now, but I agree with you on that.

    But yeah it was specifically about talisman creation. I may have been to vague. This guy is from the typical GD/OTO occult systems, not that I have a problem with that obviously by my background, but one can't just preform a hexagram planetary ritual to invoke forces that would ensoul a talisman without any concern for the appropriate timing. Its just silly, and bad occultism. In my opinion.

  3. Communing or initiating contact with a spirit is best when its planet is on the rising horizon and dignified or exalted. After this the day and hour is best. Following this then is preforming it just in the planetary hour, finally just the day.

    But the spirit more than likely won't eject at the end of their timing. After all the moment of the rising planetary period is only 15 minutes or so. Thats a pretty short amount of time for a conversation. :)